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Unlock Your Natural Intuition in Practical Ways: Less "Woo Woo" & More "Ah,Phew"
  • Unlock Your Natural Intuition in Practical Ways: Less "Woo Woo" & More "Ah,Phew"


    Learn new insights and how to integrate key strategies to increase clarity, discernment and accuracy. Christina helps take the "woo woo" unknown and transform it to "Ah, phew!


    Intuition is a natural ability everyone can develop! Deepening this personal connection also deepens our personal Spiritual connection. Learn energy protection tools, tricks of the trade to discern your "signs" & receive professional mentoring.


    Christina has taught 100's of people around the world to activate and trust their intuitive insights. Having an experiencd mentor is priceless! I have worked with many Spiritual Teachers andcombined all I've learned into this class.


    I accept just 25 students each session & registration closes once class is full. Each 2-3 hour class includes a new concept, group exercise and Q & A as questions come up.


    Next Zoom video Class is Wednesday's April 12th - May 17th from 6-8:30pm Eastern Standard time. Classes are recorded so students can watch the replay if they can't attend live.



    * 12-18 Hours of instruction ($1800 value)

    * Connect to a new soul tribe (priceless)

    * Learn many strategies to enhance and develop Spiritual Gifts. (priceless)

    *Is Spirit is already communicating or do you need to create a system? I GOT you!

    * Learn how to get the most out of your intuition!

    * Discussion & explanation of the different types of energy fields & practicing:

    ~ auric merging

    ~ residual energy clearing

    ~ grounding personal energy

    ~ centering

    ~ shielding

    * Practice the different clairabilities with peers, learn how the different ones work & feel for you

    * Safely practice connecting while learning the different ways our intuition can work.

    * Learn the path of least resistance when tapping into your intuition.

    " Complete Guide to the Chakras" On-Demand Video Webinar: ($111 value)

    * Personal email support for 6 weeks (for those w/private questions $150/value)

    * Daily text Support (via WhatsApp) for 6 weeks ($150/value)

    * Access to my Empath Spectrum Questionnaire PDF to determine where you fall on the sensitivity scale


    DISCOUNT OVER $3000!!

    COST: $111

    Apr 12, 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM EDT FOR 6 WEEKS

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