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Spirit Clearing, Energy Assessment and House Cleansing - Greater Bangor, Maine

Spirit Clearing, Energy Assessment and House Cleansing - Greater Bangor, Maine

السعربدءًا من $400٫00
This is for those experiencing paranormal activity in their home or work place and want some clarity around what type of energy you are experiencing. Or for someone moving into a new home, apartment or business that just wants a Blessing on the new space
If there is paranormal activity, I help identify if it is ancestors, Spirit Guides, or darker energy. During these sessions, I walk throughout your home or office to see what type of Spirit energies you have present.
I can communicate with souls and energy on the Spirit side to determine ancestors, why they may be attached to a house, property, person or something else.
Once I discern what energies are present, I sit down with the homeowner to share what I picked up.  I may have some recommendations that the homeowner/business owner can follow through on to keep the space clear.
If necessary, I will  perform a Spiritual Clearing to remove any unwanted energies from your sacred space.  There are occasions where more outside help may be needed. If I feel that is the case I will share recommendations that will assist you with your clearing.
Clearinga  take between 2-4 hours. The cost is $400/2 hrs.  If you feel drawn to this session, please first email me at so we can discuss your particular case.
Before coming to your home, I need to know what paranormal activity you've experienced, who is affected and any history of the house or land that is pertinent. This is so I can make sure to bring everything I need to be prepared for your particular case.
I offer this service with no additional travel time within 40 miles (one way) of 111 Moose Hill Road, Ellsworth, Maine 04605-7708.
Before checkout, please use Google Maps to get the exact mileage from my office and select the correct mileage from the drop down menu. For additional mileage travel beyond 40 miles, the customer is responsible for $0.50/cents a mile. I track all mileage for my business, so if the distance is further than the client chose from the drop down menu, any additional mileage at $0.50 cents a mile is due before the Clearing.
This service is not available over 150 miles from 111 Moose Hill Road, Osborn, ME 04605-7708
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