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Organic Mouse & Vermin Poison - Dried Crownvetch Flowers -Environmentally Safe
  • Organic Mouse & Vermin Poison - Dried Crownvetch Flowers -Environmentally Safe

    السعربدءًا من $15٫55

    Crownvetch is not toxic to the environment, is safe for cattle but is poisonous to vermin. One 32oz jar lasts me about a month, gets rid of mice without sending toxic chemicals up the food chain. Available through LINK IN BIO


    The magical part about this plant is that it provides nutritional value when consumed by ruminants but it is poisonous when consumed by non-ruminants. Then, the flowers have been taken notice in which the round cluster flower seems to resemble the crown. Since it is part of the pea family, it is called common crownvetch.


    Garden Use:Common crownvetch is a climbing perennial suitable for groundcover and may be also used as a stabilizer for banks and slopes. It can make a great addition to wildflower and rock gardens. It's virtually pest- and disease-free and produces unusual pink and white fragrant flowers through the summer and autumn.Comes in a smell proof mylar bag for ease of shipping.


    \Hand harvested

    Chemical free


    All Natural


    Maine MadeSmall Batches

    Hand Picked & Dried

    Sustainably Harvested

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