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6 Monthly 1 Hr Spiritual Psychic Readings - SAVE 20%
  • 6 Monthly 1 Hr Spiritual Psychic Readings - SAVE 20%

    $160٫00 سعر عادي
    $128٫00سعر البيع
    Save 20% off three monthly Psychic Readings! Once I connect to someone's vibration with Spirit I get the same Messages, Spirit Guides, ancestors and details for people whether sessions are in person or remotely via phone or video. 
    I connect with departed loved ones and Spirit Guides on the other side. I also help people explore, use and trust their empath, intuitive and psychic gifts. Often during readings we touch upon soul lessons, relationships, life changes, reincarnation, chakra health and Spiritual awakening.
    Once registered and had 1st discounted session there are no refunds. If canceled after the 1st session, client is immediately billed the 20% discount they received on 1st session.
     Christina has hundreds of Independent 5 star reviews on Google Business, Yelp and Facebook. Google "Eagle Medicine Psychic Readings reviews" to see how accurate Christina is.
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