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Psychic Medium &

Spirit  Communication  Energy Artist

In Lidia's words:

I'm super excited to have Psychic Medium and Spiritual  Energy Artist Lidia on the Eagle Medicine Team! She has the gift of channeling her clairvoyant gifts into fine works of art for clients. She offers different types of personalized commissioned paintings and totems  channeled from Spirit as well prints of some of her existing  art work. -Medium Christina

"I live with my husband Richard and my family of Alaskan Huskies. Nestled in the woods, my home is my sanctuary and is filled with amazing energy and stories from the land and trees that surround our home.  All of this has been my inspiration for my art.  My art and spirit energy has evolved over the years.  Each point of arrival has been a stepping stone to my true calling.  Art is energy, art speaks and is comforting and empowering all at the same time. We each receive energy differently and art allows for a private, deeply moving sense of connection with spirit through the image and the clarity of the captured message within."   - Lidia Dale-Mesaros

Comisionable Spiritual Energy Art Mediumship Paintings

by Artist Lidia Dale-Messaros:

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The Goddess of Self Love and a peek inside Lidia's "The Closet Artist" Studio

Reiki Infused Prints Available (see gallery below):

Lidia's Awakening Journey

"My awakening to Spirit and my Light Team happened over two decades ago through the constant manifestation of white feathers. These feathers came at a time of difficulty, when I was seeking higher guidance.  They lead me to a wonderful Native American Holy Woman, Sapokniona Whitefeather.  There are never coincidences and the white feathers opened the doors to Sapokniona's wisdom along with the wisdom of other teachers and healers. Under her guidance, I went forward as a Reiki Master working with spirit.  I certified as an Angel Communicator and Reiki master. For many years I was of service through my local Practice as well as donating many hours of Reiki to community members in need of healing.

I have been deeply connected to Native American culture, energy and ritual for a long time.  Much of my art and images have been influenced by this connection, long before I even knew the reason why.  As a non-native and following a past life regression with Sapokniona, I discovered who I have been, which land I walked on and the role I played in my tribe.  It was a great honor, 7 years ago, to be welcomed into my local Abenaki tribe by the Chief.  He honored my past Native life by holding a Naming Ceremony.  What a spectacular experience that was!  On his Vision Quest, he was given my name.... White Raven.  He told me it comes with great responsibility. White Ravens are rare. I am to be of service to others.

Last year I received the energies of White Buffalo Calf Woman along with her teachings. My Guides had already been steering me to combine my spirit energy with my Art to reach more people through image, words, messages.  As an Intuitive Artist, there is no pre-planning, just allowing energy and communication to flow freely without any influence of distraction.  I am happy to be of service, I am honored to lovingly create meaningful art." -Lidia Dale-Mesaros 

Lidia Dale-Mesaros

Psychic Energy Art  Prints For Sale

*Reiki Infused

*Mat included 

*Printed on High Quality Paper

*FREE USA & International Shipping

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Recent 5 Star Reviews of Lidia's Custom Art Below:

Rate Lidia's Services: 5 STARS!

What did you like best about : Her communication of the spiritual energy information she was receiving and sharing during the process.

Would you recommend Lidia: Yes

Anything to add: The inclusion of a message (In the form of a lovely letter) detailing the energy and title of the piece was a very nice addition. I laminated mine and keep it next to the painting.

-Cat Okamura, Escondido, California 9/4/20

Rate Lidia's Services:: 5 STARS!

What did you like best about : Lidia is has such a deep connection with Spirit! She connected with my energy and guides strongly, there is no doubt. She kept in contact with me through the entire process,  and the painting,  and messages from Spirit,  are absolutely amazing!
The painting radiates such beautiful energy!

Would you recommend Lidia you: Yes

Anything to add: The entire process was a joy,  and the painting has such beautiful energy,  it just glows!

-Claudine R., Ormond Beach, Florida  9/11/20 

Rate Lidia's Services: 5 Stars!!!

What did you like best about : Lidia has a very strong connection to the Spirit realm. She beautifully captured the soul history between me and my beloved old soul pooch. She nailed our relationship and now I have a beautiful piece of art that will last forever! 

Would you recommend Lidia: Yes!

-Janine Robertson, Bangor, Maine  8/24/20

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