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الثلاثاء، 26 أبريل


Live Zoom Event

Empowered Empath Weekly Group Circle #6

6 Weekly Empath Empowerment Classes PLUS Group Circle via Zoom.

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Empowered Empath Weekly Group Circle #6
Empowered Empath Weekly Group Circle #6

الوقت والموقع

26 أبريل 2022، 6:00 م – 7:30 م غرينتش-4

Live Zoom Event

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The  Empath Empowerment Class and Circle is for any empath or HSP looking for help, support, community, knowledge and guidance to embrace your gifts. This Empath Group Circle goes for 6 weeks. This session's 6 Weeks To Empowerment class is Saturday's from 10:30-12pm EST.   The group is Tuesdays from 6-7:30pm EST (same time zone as NYC). It is done via Zoom video so participants can attend from anywhere in the world. Each session is recorded so people can watch the relay if necessary.


Class 1.) The Burdened Phase (March 19th 10:30-noon EST)

Class 2.) The Basic Self-Care and Energy Research Phase (March 26th 10:30-noon EST)

Class 3.) The Empath Training Phase (April 2nd 10:30-noon EST)

Class 4.) The Gaining Control Phase (April 9th 10:30-noon EST)

Class 5.) The Increasing Clarity Phase (April 16th 10:30-noon EST)

Class 6.) The Empowered and I Love My Gifts Phase (April 23rd 10:30-noon EST)

Did You Know Empaths:

*Can hear what people don't say in words*Often absorb the stress of others.

*Are super sensitive to tone of voice and body language.

*Often feel things first, then think second.

*Have a need for alone time.

*Often have a low threshold for stimulation.

*Get drained around toxic people and often need time to recover.

*Are uncomfortable around inauthentic people

*Small talk makes you uncomfortable.

*Often attract narcissists and people who drain you.

*Often have a sensitivity to light and sound.

*Take longer to wind down after a busy day.*Love nature and quiet environments.

*Can sense subtle energy (called the chakras, aura, shakti or prana)

*Absorb energy into our bodies.

*Make amazing Healers.

*Are naturally very psychic.

*Have magic in our veins.

*Have a much bigger purpose

Gain energy protection tools, tips to remain balanced, learn tricks to go from feeling like a sponge of negativity to a confident, sender of the vibration you choose. This Circle also includes a weekly class to help teach Empath Empowerment.  By learning some key strategies and gaining more understanding as to how and why our sacred empathic gifts work the way they do, we can feel empowered and centered in our sacred gifts. There are some key things empaths can do to help understand and balance all the energy we feel and perceive. Whether you have recently discovered that you're an empath and are struggling, or have known for some time you are not alone and I would love to help you along your journey!


  • Weekly Class and Group Circle

    Empath Empowerment Class and Group Circle

    US$ 444.00


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